Agency: VSA Partners

Xerox is an American Fortune 500 company that has been advancing technology in the workforce for over 100 years. In 2016 Xerox split into two separate companies – Xerox and Conduent. With the launch of Conduent and it’s new branding Xerox decided it was also going to refresh their brand. I was tasked with developing a strong visual design system that would elevate the Xerox brand while still connecting to it’s rooted history.



We began the process by putting up visually interesting imagery and design treatments. Overtime grouping styles together to create different directions that we could potentially take the brand.



Chosen direction

After exploring three different initial directions we ended up focusing on one. We settled on an approach that strongly used the brands colors, better celebrated product imagery and used print cursers as the main design element. The direction was versatile and spoke to the printing process.



Imagery selection

Once we had a direction we started focusing on the details. Began grouping different types of imagery – imagery with people, without people, product imagery and started planning out how each image type would be used across the brand.



Layout exploration

We thought about different ways we could use type, white space, imagery and the cursors. Slowly building out the new design system and how each element would be treated across all use cases.




Packaging design


Tradeshow design



NYSE takeover

First release of the new brand style

Skills Branding, Packaging, Print, Web