Agency: AKQA

Verizon was undergoing a rebrand and I was tasked with developing ideas and designs for their new in-store signage. Since retail is where people come to explore, experience, touch and learn – we wanted visitors to feel like they’re letting their natural curiosity guide their journey of discovery. We developed a variety of signage types and design principles.




We started off by putting together mood boards of the various photography that we thought worked well with the new brand. Figured out the style we were wanting to go with and then got in touch with the various photographers and artists. The photography would eventually trickle into the only store.



The way we approached illustration was very similar to how we approached photography. Eventually we landed on a specific feel and style. We wanted there to be a lot of fun and curiosity in the illustrations without being too straightforward.

Implementing designs

Eventually we started building out the signage.




Skills Branding, Print