U.S. Army

Agency: MRM//McCANN

MRM//McCANN brought me in to develop a co-branded digital experience between the U.S. Army and the upcoming film Independence Day Resurgence. I had to come up with ideas of digital experiences that would excite the client and eventually the end-user.

Initial concepting and design:


On the landing page users can enlist into the film’s fictional earth space defense program.Once enlisted users will have access to games and unseen content from the film. Users will also be prompted to build an I.D. card, download the corresponding mobile app, and to get social by building out a platoon with their friends for the chance to win prizes.



Each mission is challenging but relatively quick. They’re designed to relate to the film as well as have a clear tie-back to actual positions held within the U.S. Army.








Once a mission is completed users will grow in rank and unlock exclusive content.

Final Designs:

Alt games:

Social tie in:

Skills Web